Counting the BIG DAY!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bride Reception

I'm so glad that everything (well~~...almosttt everything!!) went well. The purple and pink reception setting was lovely, pelamin was beautiful, the white wedding dress was gorgeous (some say i look like a princess! ;b) makeup was radiant & natural, food was excellent and the weather was oh sooo nice.....

Some unofficial pics for your viewing... ;)

bride + groom berarak

the veil

the pelamin

with mama dearie, lil sis, n in laws

pintu gerbang

khemah & meja beradap (sgt suka!!)

cake cutting ceremony

the reception setting

compilation of:

cake cutting ceremony

& pelamin

Will update the details of vendor soon. :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm officially his!

Alhamdulillah dengan sekali lafaz (lancar dan pantas!!) I am a wife to Mr Mohamad Farid now.

Official photog belum dapat lagi tapi macam pengantin-pengantin lain la, you definately feel like a celebrity on dat day. Shots kiri-kanan-depan-belakang-atas-bawah laa! Dari segala penjuru melayang! hehehhehehee ;b

So heres are some of the pics...

walking to the UPM mosque with nikah jitters ;b

the ceremony his :)

sarung cincin

compilation of the nikah pics

with mama dearie and lil sis

with the hantarans

bride receptions pic coming up soon!! ;)

psst.... eein thanks a lot for the pics..luving it so dearly! siap edit lagi tu!! :))