Counting the BIG DAY!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Warna Tema

Aritu borak2 with him on our wedding colour theme(belum tunang tapi dah berangan cite2 pasal kawin..hehe) Awal2 lagi he booked red as in the colour of his fav football team Manchester United!(he is a huge~ MU fan!) I said to him 'ok2..tapi dark red like the red color roses kan??' Cepat2 dia bangkang 'nope!' he wants red as in my~~ myvi red! tsskkk..tu merah mak ngah! I sooo tak sesuai in dat red dah la nk red as the main kalerr! Takpe2..u berangan la dulu in ur Man U red, but when the time comes u will come to your senses and sedar dat we dark skin people is soooo tak sesuai with dat red, hence nanti dia akan mengikut kata2 ku utk pilih white as the main color seperti ini..hehehehe.. least he has his colour pick kan, but as for my side i am still blur. Not sure which only sure the engagement would be in pink and cream. And actually the flower hand bouquet on the top right side was the inspiration. Lawa kan bouquet tuuu..tak sabar pulak nk cari sendiri the flowers and design myself! ;)

Anyway here are some of my 'research' on wedding's color......sungguh lawa2! Ini yang wat aku lagi kompius!!

White & royal purple

Gold & Copper

Red & Aqua (as in tiffany's blue)

Lime Green

Pink & Chocolate

Pink Cherry Blossom

Navy & White

and... Yellow & Black & White

as in the NY yellow taxi!
( malaysia pun ada taxi kaler ni tapi xjumpe la gamba dia bile google!)

more colours here and here.

psst...aku belum contact pembuat cupcake utk bakal tunangku lagik! huhuhu..yes i confess i am a procrastinator!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hantaran Cupcake

Talking about hantaran again..haish there are a few things have yet to be done. One of it would be ordering a box of still not sure to get the one with buttercream topping or the fondant. Fondant would look more beautiful coz of all the things you can design with it plus it wont get smushed (this is not even a word! but i like saying smushh..smush smush..hehe)

nway i think buttercream would taste nicer and its not all sugary as fondant, hence you wont feel dat guilty having a bite or two or three or four or five..haha lantak la..i hate counting calories!

I've found a few contacts who made beautiful n yummy going to call them tomorrow, takut gak if its fully book coz my engagement tu is begining of school holiday..tau tau saje holiday=kenduri!

tskk..hope they'll still accept my order....*finger cross*

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Aren't they classy and elegant? I so lurve orchid hence it will be the main deco for my engagement hantaran. Mummy dearie would be the designer and i fully trust her sense of style and taste. 'mama wat cantek cantekk tauu!' ;)

Anyway we bought the orchids today in nilai 3 for a very good price. Ohh i so prefer going to nilai 3 then to kl especially jalan tar! It takes 20 to 30 minits from Serdang and theres sooo many shop to choose for, plus you can drive your car to the front of the shop! No need to walk in the hot sun, lagi2 towards the big day ni kena la jadi puteri lilin. hehehe..

Ok let shows some pictures..the alas dulang is off white-cream so the orchid would be something simillar to this. Pink purplish orchid..baru naik. lawakan?? hehe perasan lagik! ;b

More orchid pictures here.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hunt of the kain nikah & Meet the parent

Both done today! yeyy~ :)

Got the kain nikah at semua house today and dats after going in n out from shop to shop. Theres so many choices sampai pening pale nak pilih. Plus its easier coz they have a lot of wedding packages from 'ok dats cheap' or 'good its in my budget' or 'hmm ok i still can afford dat...i think' or 'ouchh too out of budget but gosh its beautiful!' or~~ 'hell nooo dats totally out of the question!' And this packages include 2m lace + 4m satin(for ladies) + 4 1/2 m satin(for man).

After reenergize over lunch at A&W, we went to euro moda and obviously the price there is too dem expensive! But luckily there was a very nice girl there suggest us to go to semua house or madras.(just opposite semua house) And indeed we went and on the third stop, dats in semua house we have found the one! The one that will make me look suci n bersih on our special n important day! Its a simple white lace with light beading and labuci. Cantek cantekk, I lurve it! ;) Plus the lady there gave an extra 1 or 2 meter of kain for mr farid. Yes my man need it, he is about 180m and hes not the slim size.

will try to snap a picture of the kain n post it here once i found my camera..haish di manakah kamera ku......!

Then, the next agenda..Meeting his parents? hah it wasnt dat bad at was actually consider good. haha apa daa why was i nervous at the first place xtau la. lol! But i did felt a bit uncomfortable coz he didnt inform his parent dat im coming over. nk suprise kunun..xpela follow je..its his parents. luckily there were around. Kang sia2 je rasa nervous smlm..haha

Anyway alhamdulillah everything went well and insyaAllah they'll be coming over to my house on 1st may for 'bertandang' or 'berkenalan' or some people would define it as 'merisik'. But it wont be dat formal la, just datang2, diskusi2, minum2 petang then pulang. Ok la tu right? Hanya untuk si ibu bertemu besan2 nya..berkenalan hi hi then bye bye la. heh..

Friday, April 17, 2009


i've been together with him for almost 6 years and i have never ever ever meet his parents. yes believe it or not...n tomorrow would be the day..gosh i am nervous!

plus dunno if i have a nice blouse. i wanna wear pants but i need something that would say 'hi-look-at-me-i-am-a-good-girl-very decent-n-lovely!' n i sooo wanna say 'dun worry auntie, uncle your son will be in good hands!' huhuhu..dun wanna be a hypocrite but everybody says you have too! darn i need a 'sopan' blouse...

hence i definately have to dig deep into my closet..ok people..let the search begin....!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

im back! back blogging.. this is my 3rd blog n by the name of it you obviously know what its all~ about.... hehe..

yeah setting it up is one thing but updating it regularly is a wholeee different question. coz i know sometimes i could be absolutely darn lazy plus i have been 'cop' as miss kaki tdo by him!

anyway this blog would be all on my preparation for the wedding of my dream and all the adventures that come with it..soooo do stay tune...

till then au revoir!