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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Warna Tema

Aritu borak2 with him on our wedding colour theme(belum tunang tapi dah berangan cite2 pasal kawin..hehe) Awal2 lagi he booked red as in the colour of his fav football team Manchester United!(he is a huge~ MU fan!) I said to him 'ok2..tapi dark red like the red color roses kan??' Cepat2 dia bangkang 'nope!' he wants red as in my~~ myvi red! tsskkk..tu merah mak ngah! I sooo tak sesuai in dat red dah la nk red as the main kalerr! Takpe2..u berangan la dulu in ur Man U red, but when the time comes u will come to your senses and sedar dat we dark skin people is soooo tak sesuai with dat red, hence nanti dia akan mengikut kata2 ku utk pilih white as the main color seperti ini..hehehehe.. least he has his colour pick kan, but as for my side i am still blur. Not sure which only sure the engagement would be in pink and cream. And actually the flower hand bouquet on the top right side was the inspiration. Lawa kan bouquet tuuu..tak sabar pulak nk cari sendiri the flowers and design myself! ;)

Anyway here are some of my 'research' on wedding's color......sungguh lawa2! Ini yang wat aku lagi kompius!!

White & royal purple

Gold & Copper

Red & Aqua (as in tiffany's blue)

Lime Green

Pink & Chocolate

Pink Cherry Blossom

Navy & White

and... Yellow & Black & White

as in the NY yellow taxi!
( malaysia pun ada taxi kaler ni tapi xjumpe la gamba dia bile google!)

more colours here and here.

psst...aku belum contact pembuat cupcake utk bakal tunangku lagik! huhuhu..yes i confess i am a procrastinator!

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  1. cantik tema pink dengan ijau tu..
    itu semstinya perkahwinan mat saleh tu..