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Monday, April 20, 2009

Hantaran Cupcake

Talking about hantaran again..haish there are a few things have yet to be done. One of it would be ordering a box of still not sure to get the one with buttercream topping or the fondant. Fondant would look more beautiful coz of all the things you can design with it plus it wont get smushed (this is not even a word! but i like saying smushh..smush smush..hehe)

nway i think buttercream would taste nicer and its not all sugary as fondant, hence you wont feel dat guilty having a bite or two or three or four or five..haha lantak la..i hate counting calories!

I've found a few contacts who made beautiful n yummy going to call them tomorrow, takut gak if its fully book coz my engagement tu is begining of school holiday..tau tau saje holiday=kenduri!

tskk..hope they'll still accept my order....*finger cross*

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