Counting the BIG DAY!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am so blessed...

On leave today just to settle a few things.

Venue: Jln Tun Razak, Jln Masjid India & Jln H.S. Lee
With: Mama dearie
Agenda: Buy these things....

- A cream tudung to match my engagement dress:
Bought a simple bawal 1 tudung at Jalan Masjid India for RM23.

- White satin ribbon and peach netting for my hand bouquet:
Dunno if its cheap. Malas nk survey, benda murah beli saja..RM 2.80 for 15 m ribbon and RM2.50 for 1 m netting.

- Candies for the kiddies ( Tapi rasa bapak dan mak budak pun nak gak ni. Sedap kan..heh)
Bought 100 units of Chuppa Chups with assorted flavour for RM44 and 45 packets of original flavour Apollo for RM7.50 at a kedai borong in Jln H.S Lee.

Oh i've just found out from mama dearie that tok, mak ngah, pak ngah and rezal ada memberi sumbangan utk kenduri this saturday. Alhamdulillah.. terima kasih banyak2...saya sgt sangat~ terharu.......................

Venue: Midvalley
With: Kekasih terchenta ;)
Teman him to buy chocolate for hantaran forrr me. Di samping itu dating. Rindu kerana hampir 2 minggu tak jumpe..hehe

- Bought dark chocolate Kisses and limited edition Ferrero Roche that comes with 3 flavours white choc, dark choc and milky. Price not sure. He paid. Shop is The Cocoa Tree @ the Garden. The sales girl there is so helpful!

Venue: Kg Tunku, Jalan SS22
With: Masih bersama kekasih terchenta..hehehe
Agenda: Pick up the mini choc cuppies i ordered
( Refer here for details)

- Berjaya jumpe the house setelah sesat hampir 45minit!! (Its dark dun blame us. We have good sense of direction when its daytime tauu!) Dah la call the girl a lot of times tapi tak pick up..huhuhuuhuh. Seb baik ntah ke berape belas kali baru got thru..fiuhh..

Oh one thing buat I suprised and amazed is his patientness. He didn't get mad or frustrated at all..i mean at all!! Ohh lagi bertambah sayang daku padanya...ehehhehehehe jiwangs lak aku! ;b

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

5 days to go??!

Went to kajang yesterday(Sunday) to finalize the detail for my 'mini pelamin'. Huh dah macam bukan mini jek..tinggi 8 kaki wehhh..pendek2 sgt..its either 5 feet or 8 feet, and i am 5 feet 4'! Nanti kalau berdiri dah kepala lepas the 'mini pelamin'..tanak laa..hehe. Also got the accesories for the head, org panggil spider and also the veil..yeyy tak payah beli. Save some money! :)

Also confirmed with her dat they will come to the house to set up the 'mini pelamin' on friday nite and for makeup, the 'mak andam' will be coming at 10am on saturday. Ishh org tak panggil mak andam dah skarang they are called makeup artist! Not because they have makeup any artist/celebs before. They are called makeup artist as in artistry where a lot of blending and shading of colours..will go into details in next post.

On the hantaran part, i've bought something really cheap at the kedai RM1.99 in kajang. Am going to use 2 to put jellies (made by mama dearie) (*updated 27052009 - sudah tak jadi guna utk jelly..sila baca cerita di bawah) and the 3rd one as a base for the ring holder.. yes i bought 3 of these:

kedai Rm1.99 blakang metropoint in kajang, assorted colours and shape!

Only RM 1.99 per piece, sebesar tapak tangan! Lawa tapi sgt murahh kan?? ohh kami mmg cheapskate! hehehehe..

Anyway my uncle and auntie came by utk hantar carpets for this saturday. Banyak gak borrow from them. They offered ohh untung betol ada sdara mara yg caring dan tak lokek membantu! They even going to sponsor for the chocolate hantaran! alhamdulillah.....

Heres the final update on hantaran:

1. Cincin tunang for him (bought at bausch k. and engraved with our initial, next time cincin kawin nk letak name penuh la..bleh tak? hehe)
2. Kain nikah (bought at one of the shop in semua house, refer entry ini)
3. Buah-buahan (sponsor by mak ngah and pak ngah *updated 27052009- Silap this is sponsor by mama dearie osso..)
4. Cupcake (sponsor by lil sister)
5. Cake (sponsor by tok su)
6. Chocolate (sponsor by tok ndak * updated 07062009 - bought by mama dearie dekat kilang beryl's which is so near to our house, my uncle tak jadi kasi coklat plakk)
7. Halwa maskat (sponsor by my grandma, tok)
8. Pulut kuning and rendang (made by mama dearie and tok )
9. Jelly in assorted flavour and colours (sponsor and made by mama dearie * updated 27052009 - Hantaran no 9 using jelly tak jadi. When i asked mama wat she wants to replace she said ada laa.. I tanye..back to our plan dat is biscuits/cookies ke? She said not i pening pale. Sbb pening maka malas nk pk dah..the last hantaran asek betukar2..apa nak letak letak jelaaaa..janji ada no 9! hoho *updated 07062009 - my uncle tok ndak bought a very special kurma from here! hohoho)

Additional: Would be the tepak sireh..its the Perak's adat as a pembuka bicara. Perlu ada kata mama, sbb kita keturunan dari sana. Walaupun my IC is 14..iya saya dilahirkan di Kuala Lumpur. Emm..follow jela ckp bukan kita yg kawin, famili kita yg kawin skalik. heh. Maka ikot jela senang. This one plak borrowed from my couz, rezal. Terima kasih encik tijai!

Kesimpulannya byk benda yg disponsor dan diborrow kan?? Alhamdulillah~~~ :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The room

Hari ni ibunda ajak p jusco equine park..nak cari gak a comforter set for the room. We have to make the main room presentable also as i will be makeup there and people(close frens n relatives) might want to come n see me.

Anyway the curtains are sponsored by lil sis..emm tapi second hand la sbb dia nk beli new curtains for her room maka di'turun' kan the curtains to us..haha..xpe jadi laa..yang penting jangan membazir kan?

The curtains are in cream n brown color, hence pencarian comforter set perlu gitu2 juga la.. n kebetulan pula jusco is having happy hour sale on bedsheet & comforter set..awesome betol! wuhuuuuuu~! (tapi hari ni last day la..hehe)

Maka ini lah hasilnya:

Brand: Emerald Silk by Novelle
Normal price: RM 750
Discount: 80%
Price after discount: RM 150!!

what a deal!! ;)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Door Gift & Hantaran Cupcake Part 3

2 things done today..reconfirm on order for the door gift and the hantaran cupcake. Suka nya hati saya kedua-duanya dah settle! ;)

We ordered quite a big amount of mini muffin or is it cupcake?? Ntah la I am confuse which is which..i think there are mini cupcakes but the girl i contacted keep on saying 'akak nak muffin tu bile?' 'akak kalau sy tambah sket utk cost transportation muffin tu bleh tak?' 'akak, tak payah la bayar deposit utk muffin tu, xpe nanti time makcik akak collect muffin2 tu baru bayar eh'....

Em..tak pe la i ikot saja si penjual nye defination..heh.. Anyway we ordered the mini muffin all the way from Penang, or should i say Kedah? The very sweet girl i contacted is a student in USM Penang and she is doing the dealing/business. Her sister whos in Kedah is doing the baking. We've bought their mini muffin once during my sis's convo in USM last year. Its dem cheap! Imagine 100 pieces of assorted colour and flavour mini muffins are only RM13!! Cheap aite?? Tu pun the girl said I'm the last customer she's charging RM0.13 per piece. Now its already RM0.15. hehe..Alhamdulillah lucky me.

We're going to give them in a box of 4 mini muffin to the guest on the engagement day... Oh and mummy dearest kate nanti dia nak tepek cam heart shape sugar deco atas tiap2 mini muffin tu. Xpe askar ramai, nanti cousin2 ku akan menjadi mangsa utk menepek2 dan membox kan the mini muffin! Itu la gunanya sedara mara kan?? Lagipun bantu membantukan amalan mulia..banyak pahalanya. hehehehehehe.. ;b

And on the hantaran cupcake. Yeyyy, at last i have confirmed and also made the payment! These are also gonna be in mini sizes as there are so adorably cute. I've ordered 49 pieces of mini choc cuppies with buttercream topping and they are also so cheap! Its only gonna cost me(my sis actually..heh) RM55 only! Tak sabar to pick it up nanti..hehe..

Anyway the mini cuppies are ordered from here. For the mini muffin though, sorry no site. I only have their contact no. Email me if u wish for their no.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hantaran Cupcake Part 2

Yeyy i've found the cupcake that i want!!

Aritu my couz bought home a sample of wondermilk's cupcake..its buttercream topping with vanilla flavour cupcake. The top part was quite too sweet for me but most probably that is what u should expect with buttercream. i think cupcake taste better with that topping laa. Rasa macam xbest pulak atas keras..buttercream sgt lembut! Hence saya tak jadi amek fondant..hehehe

Oh tapi i bukan nak amek wondermilk. Altho they are tasty and beautiful anddd they made me change my mind on the gonna order from someone else..suke sgt design2 n kaler2 very reasonable price! Tonight will finalize with my sis and then i'll call the person up! Ohh kenapa kena tanye little sister dulu?? Sebabbb~~ dia yang nk sponsor! hehehehhe..

ok will update later....sementara tu tgk la some of the cupcakes design i've found while doing my cupcake hunt..lawa siotttt!

comel kan lembu2 ni?? hehe..same source

from love-a-cupcake

sangat sweet..... ;b

ok...a little parental guide..18sx! hehehehe

more beauuuutiful cupcakes..hish..lawa sgt..
tapi bukan cap buatan m'sia la. Source here.

some more amazing designs..tapi sori la
source unknown..

i cant remember where did i got these from!

credit to
google as i found those unknown source
when i was gooling for cupcakes!

and last but not least...........









for more cupcake links..check out here

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Merisik & Meminang - 01052009

DONE. Next~! ;b

Ohhh Im so glad the first step is over. Saspen siotttt..coz it was the first time his parents meeting my family..and that includes my grandma and my closes realitives! Damn I was really nervous..tak leh dok diam tauu! jap g dapur jap g depan..hishh..n bile time nk sarung cincin, jadi malu2 kucing tol.

Pape pun Alhamdulillah everything went well... Boleh la tenang n relax for a while~......erkk not so long laa! Countdown 27 days to go until 30052009! hohoho