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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The room

Hari ni ibunda ajak p jusco equine park..nak cari gak a comforter set for the room. We have to make the main room presentable also as i will be makeup there and people(close frens n relatives) might want to come n see me.

Anyway the curtains are sponsored by lil sis..emm tapi second hand la sbb dia nk beli new curtains for her room maka di'turun' kan the curtains to us..haha..xpe jadi laa..yang penting jangan membazir kan?

The curtains are in cream n brown color, hence pencarian comforter set perlu gitu2 juga la.. n kebetulan pula jusco is having happy hour sale on bedsheet & comforter set..awesome betol! wuhuuuuuu~! (tapi hari ni last day la..hehe)

Maka ini lah hasilnya:

Brand: Emerald Silk by Novelle
Normal price: RM 750
Discount: 80%
Price after discount: RM 150!!

what a deal!! ;)

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