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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Door Gift & Hantaran Cupcake Part 3

2 things done today..reconfirm on order for the door gift and the hantaran cupcake. Suka nya hati saya kedua-duanya dah settle! ;)

We ordered quite a big amount of mini muffin or is it cupcake?? Ntah la I am confuse which is which..i think there are mini cupcakes but the girl i contacted keep on saying 'akak nak muffin tu bile?' 'akak kalau sy tambah sket utk cost transportation muffin tu bleh tak?' 'akak, tak payah la bayar deposit utk muffin tu, xpe nanti time makcik akak collect muffin2 tu baru bayar eh'....

Em..tak pe la i ikot saja si penjual nye defination..heh.. Anyway we ordered the mini muffin all the way from Penang, or should i say Kedah? The very sweet girl i contacted is a student in USM Penang and she is doing the dealing/business. Her sister whos in Kedah is doing the baking. We've bought their mini muffin once during my sis's convo in USM last year. Its dem cheap! Imagine 100 pieces of assorted colour and flavour mini muffins are only RM13!! Cheap aite?? Tu pun the girl said I'm the last customer she's charging RM0.13 per piece. Now its already RM0.15. hehe..Alhamdulillah lucky me.

We're going to give them in a box of 4 mini muffin to the guest on the engagement day... Oh and mummy dearest kate nanti dia nak tepek cam heart shape sugar deco atas tiap2 mini muffin tu. Xpe askar ramai, nanti cousin2 ku akan menjadi mangsa utk menepek2 dan membox kan the mini muffin! Itu la gunanya sedara mara kan?? Lagipun bantu membantukan amalan mulia..banyak pahalanya. hehehehehehe.. ;b

And on the hantaran cupcake. Yeyyy, at last i have confirmed and also made the payment! These are also gonna be in mini sizes as there are so adorably cute. I've ordered 49 pieces of mini choc cuppies with buttercream topping and they are also so cheap! Its only gonna cost me(my sis actually..heh) RM55 only! Tak sabar to pick it up nanti..hehe..

Anyway the mini cuppies are ordered from here. For the mini muffin though, sorry no site. I only have their contact no. Email me if u wish for their no.

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  1. Hi,

    Dont know if you're gonna be reading this.
    But if you do, would you be kind enough to email me the contact details of that muffin girl to
    I'd really appreciate it.
    Thanks! :D