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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am so blessed...

On leave today just to settle a few things.

Venue: Jln Tun Razak, Jln Masjid India & Jln H.S. Lee
With: Mama dearie
Agenda: Buy these things....

- A cream tudung to match my engagement dress:
Bought a simple bawal 1 tudung at Jalan Masjid India for RM23.

- White satin ribbon and peach netting for my hand bouquet:
Dunno if its cheap. Malas nk survey, benda murah beli saja..RM 2.80 for 15 m ribbon and RM2.50 for 1 m netting.

- Candies for the kiddies ( Tapi rasa bapak dan mak budak pun nak gak ni. Sedap kan..heh)
Bought 100 units of Chuppa Chups with assorted flavour for RM44 and 45 packets of original flavour Apollo for RM7.50 at a kedai borong in Jln H.S Lee.

Oh i've just found out from mama dearie that tok, mak ngah, pak ngah and rezal ada memberi sumbangan utk kenduri this saturday. Alhamdulillah.. terima kasih banyak2...saya sgt sangat~ terharu.......................

Venue: Midvalley
With: Kekasih terchenta ;)
Teman him to buy chocolate for hantaran forrr me. Di samping itu dating. Rindu kerana hampir 2 minggu tak jumpe..hehe

- Bought dark chocolate Kisses and limited edition Ferrero Roche that comes with 3 flavours white choc, dark choc and milky. Price not sure. He paid. Shop is The Cocoa Tree @ the Garden. The sales girl there is so helpful!

Venue: Kg Tunku, Jalan SS22
With: Masih bersama kekasih terchenta..hehehe
Agenda: Pick up the mini choc cuppies i ordered
( Refer here for details)

- Berjaya jumpe the house setelah sesat hampir 45minit!! (Its dark dun blame us. We have good sense of direction when its daytime tauu!) Dah la call the girl a lot of times tapi tak pick up..huhuhuuhuh. Seb baik ntah ke berape belas kali baru got thru..fiuhh..

Oh one thing buat I suprised and amazed is his patientness. He didn't get mad or frustrated at all..i mean at all!! Ohh lagi bertambah sayang daku padanya...ehehhehehehe jiwangs lak aku! ;b

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