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Sunday, June 7, 2009

The engagement - 30052009

Yeyyy~..Lega satu round lagi.. ;)

To sum it up it was a very nice ceremony..all went well. Food was great, the mini pelamin ohh sungguh beautipooool, the guest sungguh ramai! n encik tunang ckp saya nampak lawa! Ohh saya sudah menjadi tunangan orang rupenye..hehehehehehe...

It feel so good and relief that i am one more step closer in becoming his officially.. n altho 1 week had past i am still in a super happy mode. ;b

Anyway the hantaran was beautiful. Altho it did buat me pening pale as to the last minute things were change..refer sini utk updated version. Apa2 pun a huge thank you to mama dearie and all the contributer. Sungguh untung encik tunang dpt hantaran best2!

Ok..piccies time!!

The hantaran
(click for larger picture)

The 'mini pelamin'
( Ramai tekejut 'uihh bertunang pun ada pelamin kee??' me n my mum just jwb..'skarang kan trend~~~ ' hehe

The ceremony

The couple

fyi baju ni kaler nmpk putehh la!

p/s: to my dearest friends fir, haiza n nora.. thank you sooooo~~ much for being there. I luv you guys a lot!

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