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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DIY Hand Bouquet

Julie from wedding galore offered to do my engagement hand bouquet coz my mini pelamin was also using fresh flowers. But I said NO padahal org tu nk kasi free~. Yelaa i was so looking forward to DIY my own hand bouquet maka saya menolak FOC service itu. hohoho

The fresh flowers i bought came from Cameron Highland. There are small not like the China mari roses but they smells soooo nice! China roses don't smell good, even some dun even have any smell! I bought these at Pasar Kajang from an indian lady for RM1 per stalk. Cheap ait? Tips: Sila order the flowers dulu takut nanti takde. When i came to pick them up the lady said my white roses were the last. Cameron Highland white roses dah xde for dat day and the following day!! Fiuhhhh........*urut dada*

Anyway here are the things needed:

1. 10 Pink Roses & 10 Off White Roses

2. Peach colour Netting

3. White satin ribbon

4. Dawai utk lilit the flowers

5. A pair of scissors

6. Garden's glove ( Ini sangat penting if you wanna avoid the ouchh ouchhhhh ;) I bought at a hardware store near the Pasar Kajang @ RM2 a pair)

7. A jug of plain water

More info on the netting n ribbon, refer here.


walaaa~ cantik kan?? hehehe
tapi aduhhhh..payah gak nk wat.
For an amateur kena at least ada 2 tgn..
i mean 2 org!


  1. Ler ingatkan En Ijan yang nak tolong watkan hehe dia kan terrer DIY haha :P

  2. ikutkan.. nak jaa aku buatkan.. kalau aku.. aku tolong DIY bunga plastik jaa terrer haha

  3. ohh yaa itu dia encik DIY sudah berkata-kata..hehe

    wokeh tijai nanti namin kasik bunga plastik pastu tijai wat ek??? ;b

  4. namin.. ijan bagi hint tu.. next namin kena wat tuh wedding dia hahahaha...Ala ang bukan mat bunga2ka dulu... takat bungan idop xde hal laa.. ang leh DIY

  5. babe. this hand bouquet sgt comel! suke!!

  6. Nak tanya..u buat hand bouquet ni bila? i mean..3 hari sebelum e-day ke? 2 hari sbelum ke..tq :)

  7. i buat 1 day before..friday morning lepas pegi beli bunga, blk tu trus buat.. my engagement was on saturday after zohor..if you're gentle with the flowers and don't touch the petal byk kali sgt it would last longer dan masih nmpk segar.

  8. siapa2 yg nak order fabric hand bouquet with me..jgn malu2.. u can order dekat nana check out my blog.