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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hantaran Deco

As usual my weekend surf material would be on weddings..weddings..and more weddings! hehehehehe ;b

Found this on laceandbeads. So sweet kan?

the complete hantaran set here

Their hantaran designs are always so beautiful. Initially have discussed with mama dearie to have fresh roses as the hantaran deco. But colour have yet confirm..yaaaa i know until now i have neither decided a hantaran theme nor a wedding theme! lil sis n my mum dah bising! huhuhuhu

Anyway after seeing this, rasa macam ishh lawa la pulak the carnations! Its beautiful, cheaper, last longer and sooo different from the typical hantaran deco we all see. Yela asek2 roses, carnation pun lawa apaaa.. hmm will forward this to mama dearie and see wats her opinion.

Oh yaaa..we've already start buying the stuffs already! hehehhe..2 weekend dah pegi 4 shopping complex; The garden, Midvalley, One Utama & Parkson at The Mall. Gals noted dat it is sales now! Mari pegi shopping~ hehehe

Anyway we managed to settle hantaran watches for him n me, shoes for him and cosmetic set for me. Ehemm kami tak jadi beli couple watch. Can't find a nice couple watch design laa. But we bought watches from the same brand. Jadi la kan..ada gak connectivity atau kesamaan kat situ. hehehe..apa2 pun rasa sungguh productive this 2 weekend! Dan suka suka suka saya berpuas hati dengan pembelian kami! ;)

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