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Friday, May 8, 2009

Hantaran Cupcake Part 2

Yeyy i've found the cupcake that i want!!

Aritu my couz bought home a sample of wondermilk's cupcake..its buttercream topping with vanilla flavour cupcake. The top part was quite too sweet for me but most probably that is what u should expect with buttercream. i think cupcake taste better with that topping laa. Rasa macam xbest pulak atas keras..buttercream sgt lembut! Hence saya tak jadi amek fondant..hehehe

Oh tapi i bukan nak amek wondermilk. Altho they are tasty and beautiful anddd they made me change my mind on the gonna order from someone else..suke sgt design2 n kaler2 very reasonable price! Tonight will finalize with my sis and then i'll call the person up! Ohh kenapa kena tanye little sister dulu?? Sebabbb~~ dia yang nk sponsor! hehehehhe..

ok will update later....sementara tu tgk la some of the cupcakes design i've found while doing my cupcake hunt..lawa siotttt!

comel kan lembu2 ni?? hehe..same source

from love-a-cupcake

sangat sweet..... ;b

ok...a little parental guide..18sx! hehehehe

more beauuuutiful cupcakes..hish..lawa sgt..
tapi bukan cap buatan m'sia la. Source here.

some more amazing designs..tapi sori la
source unknown..

i cant remember where did i got these from!

credit to
google as i found those unknown source
when i was gooling for cupcakes!

and last but not least...........









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