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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Food Testing

Went for food testing today. The boutique i've booked for my wedding pelamin n baju is also offering catering services. Well actually the whole package. They called it the wedding planner package. Its consist of almost~ everything! Catering, dais, wedding dresses, makeup, photography, wedding cake, door gift, wedding card, hantaran deco and the wedding deco as well including the room deco, house n even the brides main table. But i'm not gonna take all. I'm selecting only those that i need to get from others, yg lain akan ku usahakan senirik. Kita perlu jimat beb jimattt..

Anyway rasa segan gak to gate crash other people's wedding. haha teringat cite wedding crasher. Tadi pun buat muka selamber je.hehe. Lagi pun the boutique owner yg suruh dtg, katenye they cooked extra. Food was ok but paling i suka is the deco. Lawa betul the pelamins, yes ada 2 pelamin on the stage. Jimat betul kan bila wat 2 wedding sekali. Luv their stage deco, the main table n the pintu gerbang. Pintu gerbang dia len sket, not the typical arch u see. Gambar sgt tak jelas..dh la shot from my mum's hp n segan pulak i nk amek gamba wedding org dekat2..hehehe

Heres the pics:

english simple and sweet.
luv the backdrop lighting :)

the not so typical arch..juga sweet kan?

Back to the catering thingy, we won't finalize anything yet. Catering is something you can't rush. Its the most important part of the wedding coz heyy~ you're going to fork out at least RM10K(at leastt!) for the food dan org datang jauh2 ke majlis kite, so the food better be gooood!

Am looking forward for the pameran pengantin in Midvalley this 7 -9 August. Last time we went to the pameran in Ampang Point pun dh byk catering services, here lagi laa.. It said to be the biggest pameran pengantin. Well we'll see. Hope we can get as many food testing there and make a final decision. Then i can cross one more thing in my wedding checklist!


  1. suka tgk arch nih unik ..mcm dalam criter puteri puteri ..kan ..!!

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